Upscale your business with professionally edited videos.

Our team is dedicated to creating compelling visual content for a host of corporate and commercial clients.

Leverage Professionally Edited Videos To

Propel Your Business Ahead

Amplify your business marketing efforts. Multiply your video content output.

Dedicated Editors

We assign the most suitable editor/s for your project. The dedicated team or person will assess your business, style and requirements; then, deliver creative video content.

Better Content Engagement

We use attention-grabbing hooks, stock footage, elements, and music to get more video views, increase watch-time and convert more customers.

Focus on Your Business

Why worry about videos or splurge money on freelancers when you can have a professional and expert team? Let us take care of video editing so that you can focus on your core business..

Consistent & Quick Delivery

Although a member of our team works on one video at one time, each one is skilled in delivering projects at a fast pace. What’s more, every video is consistent with your brand guidelines.

Content Curation

We are adept at making engaging content. Our team knows what works best in videos and which shots can best work for your business.

Grow Business

We handle small to big video editing assignments. Our services allow you to increase your video content output and grow your business exponentially.


UNDOUBTEDLY, the ULTIMATE way to create VIRAL video content!

With videos, we easily deliver your message and scale your brand. Glocal Edits produces consistent video content. Our aim is to offer the best video editing services to our customers.

Glocal Edits

How It Works

Share the assets/raw footage

Take a few moments to send us footage and editing instructions.

Get the ‘first cut’ in 1-2 business days

We work with you to edit your video – just the way you want!

Edit until perfect

Share your feedback with our editors and get your ULTIMATE video made.

Glocal Edits

Every Video Editing Plan Includes

Stock Footage

Proof-Read Captions

Design Templates

Up to 9 Assets per Order

Submitting Instantly

Unlimited Brand Accounts

Friendly Customer Support

Glocal Edits

Hire our on-demand professional video editors

Impact the world and scale your business with viral videos. We handle everything – corporate, product, sales, or behind-the-scenes videos to attention-gripping reels and large-volume editing needs. Become a part of a creative and reputed video editor’s team.

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